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challenge six!

standard rules:
//all icons must fit the lj standards for an icon:
under 40kb, 100x100, and saved as a GIF, JPG, or PNG
//remember, do not use your icon or show it to anyone until voting and winners have been announced.
//you must be a member of this comunity to enter.
//submit your icon(s) to this lj post, comments will be screened.
use the following format:
//you may submit a total of 3 icons.
//you may only use the three pictures below for your icon(s).

pics are courtesy of


^click for larger images^

for this challenge;
//everything is allowed EXCEPT FOR ANIMATION AND TEXT.
once again, do not use text or animate your icons.
(you MAY however, include the text from picture one in your icon)

you also may not use any other picures then the ones provided.

there will also be TWO NEW CATAGORIES THIS WEEK, aside from first, second, third, and mods choice.
these icons will also be voted on CROPPING and BEST USE OF LIGHT TEXTURE
so keep this in mind while making your icons.

good luck everyone, with any questions, comment to this post.
DEADLINE; MONDAY, JULY 25th, AT MIDNIGHT (central time).
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