fickle friend, the summer wind (turntheradio_up) wrote in emmychallenge,
fickle friend, the summer wind

challenge six voting . FINALLY. (20 entries! yay!)

first; a general note :
i am SO sorry about the horrible and uncustomary delay! in all honesty, i just had other things to deal with and couldnt get to livejournal.  family stuff has been something horrible lately and my access to a computer became unavailable until now. not to mention trying to get ready to move into my dorm and saying goodbye to friends; i just had to put journal-life on hold for a moment and deal with the real stuff. i'm sorry i wasnt able to let you all know what the hold up was! but anyway, here we have it . the challenge six voting!!!
vote for your favorite three.
do not vote for yourself.
comment to this post (screened)
only members may vote
you MUST vote to win
001.  002.  003.
 004. 005. 006.
 007. 008. 009.
010. 011. 012. 
013. 014. 015.
016.017. 018.
019.   020.
voting ends :
AUGUST 9th AT 10 PM (central time)
p.s. i also redid the layout a bit. tell me what you think...
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